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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cherry Pad Turbo Review

Just bought my own cherry mobile's cherry pad turbo 2 weeks ago.  So far, the cherry pad turbo is doing pretty good. I would like to share my views and opinions about this device. So here it goes:

Purpose in buying:
An alternative to my laptop! Since I travel often giving lectures and attending one as well, a small gadget this size with the ability to run my powerpoint slides, an ebook reader, a movie player, surf the net, the HDMI out to bring out my screen to bigger screens, battery life, price, and local warranty motivated me to go with this product.

Why Cherry Mobile?
Its local warranty! (My CP is also cherry mobile)

Is it worth it?

Inside the box:
The tablet, charger, and a NOT so informative users manual.

NOTE: See the CP turbo specs on Google!

First off, the CPU is already very good. Although, they stated that it's running with the clock power of 1.2 Ghz, on the tablet settings, its only at 1.008 Ghz!

Second, its RAM is 512 Mb! This is already alot!

Third, its running Gingerbread!

Lastly, on the hardware:
USB port detects! Tried it with 2, 4, and 8 Gb. But it could NOT detect my 1 terra portable drive. ( I think galaxy and I pad does NOT have this)
HDMI port detects instantly! Tried it with our LED tv and our office's DLP (with HDMI). Galaxy tab and Ipad needs a separate hardware to be able to have an HDMI out!
Sound is pretty descent! Its not really that great but what the heck! I have a 5.1 speakers!
Movie is great! It reads 1080p! The default movie player could NOT detect built in subs so I had to install another movie player. Also, needed another movie player to read several movie files that I have that need software rendering.
MicroSD works. Tried it with a gig, 2, and 4. Can NOT get my hands with an 8, 16, and 32. If you tried it, please comment!
Tablet could be detected via PC by Windows, Linux (I am an Ubuntu user) and Mac!


NOTE: all could be all remedied

Cable support for the tablet needs to be bought separately (USB and HDMI)!
4 Gb of initial storage is small.
Needs tweaking to be able to meet ones demands.
No proxy support.
Some games does NOT run on the tablet even though the tablet met the game's system requirements.
Support from cherry mobile is NOT as active as the competitor (Archos, Samsung, Apple... hmmm)

Its a great tablet! Battery could go as far as 5 hours as long as you disable several components of the tablet that you are NOT using. When buying tablets, always remember about warranty. It will give someone some peace-of-mind that you can take your tablet to an authorized dealer in case your tablet goes haywire!