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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oracle “donates” Open Office

Its thursday! Another blog segment.

Here's the intersting read for today:

My Synopsis:

WOW! That was a NOT really a surprising move by Oracle – why? - because Oracle wouldn't gain anthing from Open Office! From the start, it would be pointless for Oracle to sell OO. I was really expecting Oracle to throw away OO but what made me shook my head is that they gave it to Apache! Why not the The Document Foundation? Is this another type of bullying from Oracle?

Oh well, I think that OO is slowly dieing eversince it was baught by Oracle unless Apache will give it to The Document Foundation (If it would NOT be too late ofcourse). Libre Office is getting a lot of support and hype these days and I think that this would be the next big thing in Office applications.

I would be shocked if Oracle would give Java or MySQL back to the community! Ofcourse, this WILL never happen!

PS: Oracle is still an entity trying to kill free/open source!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FOSS: Adoption by Government!

Wow! Its Thursday once again! Time for another blog segment!

I stumbled upon this interesting read:


My synopsis:
Well, Linux is NOT the same when it was years ago! I have been in the IT industry for more than a decade and it was during my novice years when computer hardware and software were evolving very fast! Back then, getting a Linux (any variant) on a PC was hard as hell! Support for hardware was difficult, applications were written mostly for Windows, technical support (for Linux) was only a very limited, getting help is like (virtually) none at all, and managing Linux was for geeks ONLY!
But today, Linux has become a force to be reckon with! Although, there are still some issues, it is compensating on its own unique way!

On FOSS Apps:
Back then, this is very very similar to the aforementioned especially that Internet access was very rare and it was very costly. Unlike today, Linux OSes have their own repository websites in which a user would just click on the install button and let Linux handle the rest!

On FOSS General:
I am NOT really surprised that government all over the world are starting to migrate to FOSS. Even the white house started migrating to FOSS. FOSS apps are great tools as long as someone has time to explore and master the tools and apps that they want. Licensing of proprietary software vendors today are very tricky that whatever move you make, you will still be charged at the end (e.g. MySQL, Java, etc.).

Final Thoughts:
FOSS is great! You would pay a fee when subscribing to a full support of your app (e.g. Canonical for Ubuntu). Internet access is very easy these days. So, if you opt NOT to pay for support, there are a swarm of Internet users and experts that would answer your questions!

Give FOSS a chance! Try it! And just like me, you will appreciate and love it!