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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 Ways Microsoft Guards Windows' Market Dominance

Hey guys! Another time for another blog release. Here is an interesting read about the Microsoft Windows Operating System.


My synopsis:

I was already discussing this matter to my colleagues before on why is Microsoft Windows the dominant OS out there. Just like here in the Philippines, Microsoft has a great strategy in making their Windows a must have on all PCs.

First, they offer their OS almost for free for the usage in the academe! Imagine, kids being taught Windows! As they grow up, they would be dependent on Windows that trying alternative OS would be difficult and a hassle.

Second, PC gaming are more common here in the Philippines. Almost all BIG game development companies develop their games compatible only with Windows! Though Wine is there for Linux, Wine only supports limited Windows compatible games!

Third, Software piracy is common here. Why bother downloading and installing free operating systems (ahem... Linux) when a user could just go to the streets and buy a pirated version of Windows.

Fourth, even though **ahem** Linux is installed, installing applications is difficult to new Linux users. Unlike Windows, just click on the buttons and your app is installed. With Linux, oh boy!

These are the top reasons that I see why is Microsoft is strong. Oh well, good luck Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft and Skype

It was just only yesterday that i wrote my insights about the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle. Now, Microsoft (another IT giant) has acquired Skype! In their press statements, it was said that the acquisition would benefit both companies. Well, I really don't care about that but how about us users? Up to this time, Skype services were free just like Yahoo!'s. Just like what's happening with the Sun products, in the very NEAR future,  Microsoft Skype would be charging customers on the use of services(which was then free). I don't think that MS is a jolly good fellow company that will just give 8 billion for free (look what they did with Netscape!).

Oh well, it was fun Skype. It's a good thing there are still other similar Skype services out there which are FREE!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hidden Chip Art

During the 90's, I just bump into a TV program which featured microchips with hidden art. Well, I was NOT that interested by that time but what me glued to my seat was when I saw clever and artistic engineers made the image of Thor! By then I was searching other hidden chip arts that were uncovered.

Just want to share it with you guys. 

Check out this link.

*Don't forget to checkout Thor's hidden art!

Impact of the Oracle-Sun Acquisition

(Thanks swiper!)

Even though it was a year ago since it all made news, it saddens me to see whats happening to all sun apps after oracle fully acquired it a year ago!

During 2008, a lot of MySQL users were eager and exited for the stable release of MySQL 6.0 version. Also, there were a lot of buzz regarding their Maria and Falcon DB engines! But as of now, it was never released and i believe it will never be released. What's going to happen to Java? How about Open Office? and Solaris?

Oracle also just raised their price for MySQL (well this is so obvious that it will happen for them to regain their $7.4 B). Soon, it will happen to Java. And Oracle would be charging users for the usage of Open Office (I hope LibreOffice will work out though).

I think this is the fate of open source apps. Since they lack the funding, either they will eventually shut down or to be sold to big players like Oracle. I hope that Firebird would not suffer the same fate as with the other very good open source (and free) apps out there just like what happened to sun.